Healthcare retailing is changing and that's all that we do...

Why choose you?

Picking up the phone is the hardest bit, after that you have someone else that shares your vision.

Welcome To MG Retail

MG Retail Consulting specialises in Business development marketing and focuses on (small & medium sized retail businesses) only in healthcare primarily mobility, hearing and pharmacy

Our experience

We bring together marketing, technical, business and retail skills to offer our clients a comprehensive service to market their business both on the Internet and through bricks and mortar.

Our services

We offer affordable services covering:

  • Strategic sales planning
  • Business Development & marketing
  • Web site and social review
  • Campaign Management
  • CRM Implementation

What people say

Michael is a clear thinker and has an excellent understanding of the demands and expectations of todays retailer,he sees the demographic changes taking place and the new routes to market that manufacturers and suppliers will have to get a better understanding off in order to compete,


Andrew Stevenson

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